The first time I found about this was the Publishers Weekly email newsletter. I’ve never heard of anything like this, and I was really interested in seeing if this would actually be any good. Surprisingly, I liked it. Let’s get into my review for this.

This is based off the book by Suzy Cox. I haven’t read it, so I don’t know how it compares to that. Reviews for the book are not great, but I didn’t let that affect my opinion, and you shouldn’t either. It’s just basically just like watching a show, except vertically. I’m actually sad that I haven’t seen anything about this on social media. It’s a new concept that is really cool and could allow a lot more people to find about stories.

Charlotte has been murdered, and she winds up in the Dead Girls Detective Agency. It’s a place where people where people who were killed under mysterious circumstances end up. She is greeted by Nancy and Lorna, who also have died under mysterious circumstances. Together, they are going to solve Charlotte’s murder and get her Key, which she gets when her killer confesses, and cross to the other side. So, it’s basically about her finding out her killer and a bunch of other secrets.

It’s hard—particularly hard for this series—to give any thoughts without giving spoilers. The beginning was pretty normal, but the second season is when everything starts to get good. I will admit, I’m not sure how I feel about the killer. You’ll understand when you watch and find out who it is.

Overall, it was a fun mystery series. It’ll be something fun to binge when you’re bored, and almost everyone has access to Snapchat so it’s easy to watch. It definitely kept me guessing the entire time, but I will not be reading the books because I have not been compelled enough to want to know more. If they make more episodes , however, I will definitely watch.


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