This is the first year I’ve felt compelled enough to want to write something in response to YouTube Rewind. Last year’s was pretty normal, but this year they took a bold step in a new direction, and I applaud them for that. However, I have some feelings about certain parts of the video. So, let’s get right into them.

This year, YouTube tried to include things that didn’t happen on YouTube but were a big part of 2018 otherwise. I think Rewind lost its purpose this year. They tried so hard to make it something everyone would like that no one liked it. It capitalized on a lot of success that didn’t happen on the platform—that’s what really annoyed me and made me realize that YouTube might actually die soon. It lost everything it once stood for, and if you watched YouTube this year you know all about it. It’s all about the views now, and viewers can easily tell what’s fake and what’s real.

The Good:

I really appreciated the varied language use. In all the years I’ve used YouTube and have watched Rewind, I have never seen anything like it. I also liked that there were a lot of YouTubers I didn’t recognize. Every year it’s the same people, and I’m happy that YouTube decided to include new voices from the community.

The Bad:

The first thing everyone should know is that this has more dislikes than likes. It apparently might break the record for most disliked video, which is ironic. The theme, Everyone Controls Rewind, was a bad idea from the beginning. That sort of thing never ends well, but I’m curious as to who really controls this—YouTube itself, or the YouTubers? I want to know who really had a say in this and whether that is real or fake.

My Live Reaction to the Video:

– I liked the inclusion of K-Pop. That is definitely something that gained popularity this year.

– The royal wedding was a nice touch, but not entirely necessary.

– Was melting lipstick a thing in 2018? If it was, I had no idea. Again, unnecessary.

– Mukhbangs were definitely a part of 2018 so including that in Korea was kill.

– When did dogs become a big part of the platform? I don’t understand why they included that.

– They’re trying to include things that didn’t happen of YouTube (the yodeling boy) and who is the skater behind him?

– The I’m My Feelings challenge was cool.

– The animated characters were a good touch. Those videos were trending for a lot of the year, so even if you just scrolled through the trending list, you should recognize them.

– There was a talk show host. Who was he? And there was another one 30 seconds later.

– The spider is so cute. I love him.

– Lilly’s part was true to her character, which I absolutely loved.

– I also liked Connor and again talking about mental health. That was a huge thing on YouTube this year, and I’m proud of all the YouTubers who opened about their struggles.

– Did drag queens get their start on YouTube? No. Why should Rewind have that?

– Lauren mentioned an increase in Asian representation in entertainment this year. Personally, I don’t find that to be true. There was Crazy Rich Asians and To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

– Maybe women felt more empowered this year. But there’s still a lot of work to be done about that. The YouTube community does not really reflect that.

– I’m really happy they mentioned refugees. It happened really quick and in another language so some people might not have caught it. All my prayers are with them, and I hope all of them survive and find asylum somewhere.

– Who was the lady who got sick?

– When Elle Mills said let’s give the people what they want, there was a comment that said 2018 = futebol. The team that was playing had men and women, which was a little detail I really appreciated.

– I also really liked how they included ASMR.

– Of course, you can’t forget Fortnite.

– There were a lot of comments about PewDiePie not being there. I understand why he’s not there. He might be popular, but he did controversial things this year, or he probably didn’t agree to come.

– I noticed that Shane Dawson wasn’t in it. He was definitely a huge part of this year and it’s weird but not weird that he wasn’t there.

Overall, this was a risky move YouTube should not have taken. There has already been a lot surrounding the company, and they don’t need anyone else against them right now. I definitely disliked this more than I liked it, but you can watch the video and decide how you feel about it.


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