Hey guys! Today I’m going to be doing my first post in a many-part series, where I list my favorite people that I follow on social media! Like/comment if you’re excited about this series!

I follow people in all parts of the publishing industry; authors, literary agents, editors, bloggers, booktubers, as well as other bookish people. I currently follow 170 people, so my feed is filled with all types of stuff. So, I’ve compiled a small list of people whose content I find really helpful. There are many more people I could include, but I will be including them in other parts of this series, so subscribe to make sure you don’ miss out on those posts! Let’s get into my list of favorite people I follow on Twitter!

WeRateDogs (@dog_rates) and Thoughts of Dog (@dog_feelings)

I’m combining these two because they have the same creator. This is the best thing you will see on Twitter all day, and I highly recommend that you have the notifications on. With all the negativity in the world right now, this makes my day brighter every time I get the notification.

Netflix US (@netflix)

This account is how I keep up with the latest movies and TV shows. I don’t watch a lot of cable TV and I can’t afford to go to the theaters a lot, so this is a great economic solution for me. They’re always showing previews of new shows that have just been released on the platform, or teaser trailers for what’s about to come.

B&N Teen Blog (BNTeens)

This is a blog of books written for teens recommended by teens! If you’re a beginner in the book world, highly recommend following them.

Eric Smith (@ericsmithrocks)

Eric was the first literary agent I followed. He is such an amazing human being. He posts about publishing, but he also posts about his kid and his dog (which is the real reason I follow him tbh) Again, give him a follow if you’re new to bookish social media.

People of Color in Publishing (@PocPub)

This account posts and retweets jobs and internships in the publishing industry. So, if you’re looking for one this account would be helpful to follow.

Latinex in Publishing (@LatinexinPub)

This account highlights Latin American people in publishing. If you’re Latin American, follow them for some inspiration!

LGBTQReads (@LGBTQReads)

This account (also a blog) posts about—you guessed it—LQBTQ books. I’ll be honest; I follow a lot of people so I don’t see a lot of posts, and this account is one of them. I support all the work they do, though, so definitely go check them out!


This is a really cool bookish subscription box, but with a twist. You can’t purchase it like other bookish boxes. You enter for a chance to win, and you can enter every month (because they have new boxes every month). The only requirements to enter are that you must live in the US (I know it sucks) and you must be 13 or older. All in all, it’s really cool for people who can’t afford other boxes but want to get one.

Whoever manages this account is amazing. The tweets are so funny and make you want to reply, so do yourself a favor and follow them!

This post would not be complete with @EpicReads, @FierceReads, @simonteen and @PenguinTeen. These are all awesome bookish accounts made by publishers that you MUST follow. It’s like required reading; it is required that you follow these accounts (not really, but it is really helpful because they are always posting about books published by their publisher)

And that’s it! Feel free to browse through who I follow on Twitter if you’re looking for more people to follow (or just DM me, I’d be happy to answer). Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post. Please leave a comment so I can show my appreciation. Hope you have/had a good day!


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