A few weeks ago I posted my reaction to Shane Dawson’s series with Jeffree Star. Over the course of three weeks, Shane is back at it again, this time with Jake Paul. I kind of live-tweeted my reactions and feelings, and I’ll insert the link to it here. The point of today’s blog post is to talk about a little more and rant a little because I’ve been going through the hashtags, and I have some thoughts. So, let’s get right into them.

Shane’s Youtube Channel:

Series Teaser:

Series Extended Trailer:

The first part was an introduction to Jake Paul, who is he and Shane’s plan for the series. It’s basically Shane watching a bunch of his videos and freaking out. I’m someone who didn’t know Jake at all. I’ve never watched his content, never seen his parents until this series. All I knew was that he was hated. This served as a good introduction to all that.

The second part was Shane with a psychiatrist, Katie, who also has a YouTube channel. They talked about sociopaths, and if Jake was a sociopath. This video received a lot of backlash because of his portrayal of the mental illness. He apologized numerous times, but a lot of people have watched that video and are now making assumptions and so, I have to agree with everyone else on this one.

The third part is Shane watching videos of Jake’s family. This was the part that made the most sense to me. Jake and Logan have grown up being very competitive, and that still affects their lives today. I have nothing against their parents, but I think the environment they were raised in was not the best, and it definitely is one of the reasons why both of them are the way they are today.

The fourth part was a disappointment for me. Shane talks to Nick Crompton, who worked with Jake and Team 10, and he left quite recently, I think. Nick’s answers were very vague, It didn’t really reveal any information, but in the last part, Shane does reference some clips from this video.

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In the fifth and sixth part, Shane visits the Team 10 house. We see almost all the members, including Erika. This video is more laidback as Shane mostly asks simple questions to get to know Jake and Erika. Jake seems really cool in these, and so does Erika. She seems like a good influence on him. Katie goes undercover as his producer (which also received a lot of backlash) and helps him ask certain questions to decide whether Jake is a sociopath or not.

In the seventh part, Shane talks to Alissa Violet, Jake’s ex-girlfriend. He filmed after the finale, so he references some stuff from the last episode. This episode was informational, but it wasn’t the greatest, and this is in no way Shane’s fault. I just think Alissa pretty much threw Jake under the bus, but Jake was much nicer about it in the finale. In the end, I didn’t really trust what she said.

In the eighth and final part, Shane sits down with Jake and does a very serious interview. I really respect Jake for telling his side of the story about everything. He was really honest and didn’t hold back, and neither did Shane. I’m glad I know the full story about everything now. One of the things I want to mention is that Shane and Katie came to the conclusion that Jake is not a sociopath.

Overall, this was a raw and intense series, taking a deep look at what made Jake Paul the hated, controversial man he is today. I’ve been seeing tweets about Shane giving a “racist” a platform and a bunch of other bad stuff. Here’s the thing that most people aren’t understanding—Shane made this series to make people understand Jake, not to promote him or anything like that. Jake Paul is already known to a lot of people. Doing a series with Shane doesn’t change that. Personally, I don’t like him even after watching this series, and I don’t plan on watching his content, but even I understood the purpose of this whole thing. Yes, Jake has made some stupid decisions, and I don’t understand some of the stuff he said in the finale, but looking at it from an outsider’s perspective, I have a better understanding of the situation. It’s the same thing with Jeffree. Both of them did some messed up stuff, and it’s haunted them for so long. They were different people when they did those things, and people can change. They have reasons for what they did and people aren’t understanding that.

Okay, I’m done. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post! Please leave a comment so I can show my appreciation! Hope you have/had a good day!

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