Hey guys! Today I’m going to be talking about myself, about my current life situation. At the moment, I am four days into my junior year of high school. I will admit, the first two days were rough, but the other two haven’t been as bad. This is my first year taking AP (advanced placement) classes, and I’m taking TWO. For those not in the US, AP classes are basically college level classes. They are meant to prepare for the heavy load and advanced material that we will encounter in college in high school. As for specifics, I’m taking AP English and AP US History. APUSH is great. AP English, not so much. The one good thing about school is that I’m taking a creative writing class. My teacher is so sweet, and that’s probably going to be my favorite part of the day.

The thing about taking advanced classes is you get homework almost every day. I’ve only been in school for a couple of days, and already I’ve been spending 2+ hours on homework and studying. Not. Fun. Because of this, I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to keep posting three times a week, and even though I want to be able to post every day, it’s not realistic. School does come first, but I will not give up on my blog. I will post at least once a week. I’m going to continue with my regular schedule, and based on how school gets in the next few weeks I’ll make a decision on whether to change or keep my schedule.


I am currently reading ‘Crown of Midnight’ by Sarah J Maas and ‘The Darkest Legacy’ by Alexandra Bracken. I usually read two books at a time, one as a physical book and one as an ebook. After those two, I plan on picking up ‘Unwind’ by Neal Shusterman and ‘The Dreadful Tale’ by Alexandra Bracken.

As always, feel free to recommend me a book you think I might like!

Follow me on Goodreads to keep up with my reading!


I am currently still listening to my August 2018 Playlist, because I absolutely love it. I’ll be making a new playlist this weekend, so hopefully, I discover some amazing songs!

I’m also still listening to Gals on The Go. A new B&N YA Podcast with Courtney Summers, who is the author of Sadie and bunch of other books came out today. I will be posting my review for Sadie on Monday, so listen to the podcast and keep an eye out for that!


I am currently watching Jane The Virgin. I did a First Episode Thoughts if anyone is interested, so feel free to go read that! The movies that I’m really anticipating are Next Gen, Sierra Burgess is a Loser, and obviously, The Hate U Give! The first two are only going to be available on Netflix in September, and THUG is hitting theatres in October.

One of my favorite shows of all time, Blindspot, also comes back in October, and I highly recommend that show. It follows a woman who wakes up with no memories in the middle of New York, tattoos all over her body. The FBI picks her up, and she becomes part of a team, using her tattoos to solve some crazy crimes. The end of season three was a BANGER and one I did not see coming, so do yourself a favor and catch up before the premiere of season four on October 12th!


I am actually NOT currently writing. The only thing I’m writing is blog posts. I will be writing fiction pieces in my creative writing class, and I’m hoping to branch out and try out some new things.

And that’s about it! Life is going to get very busy over the next two years as I prepare for college, but my blog will not be left behind! I’m making a schedule of everything I want to post, and I’ll try to write the posts in advance that way I don’t have to lessen the amount of content that goes on here. I hope all of you are having an amazing week, and if you aren’t, chin up! Things will get better, I promise.

Until next time,

Love, Preethi.


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