I read Caraval earlier this year and absolutely loved it, so Legendary was one of my most anticipated releases of the year. Both of them were 5-star reads and are some of my favorite books of all time. The characters are my dream characters, and I wish I had created them. They have the perfect amount of good and bad, and even the villains are morally gray characters. They have a soft side but also have a dark side. I don’t how to describe it better than that.

My reviews for each book are below.

CARAVAL: I absolutely loved this book! I’ve never read such a magical, twisted novel. The thing I enjoyed most was the sister relationship. To see how different they were, yet their love for each other never wavered. I feel like sister relationships are underrated in YA, so I’m very glad to see a realistic one. The other characters are also very vivid. The romance was a little twisted, but what isn’t in this book?

I definitely had one of the best reading experiences with this book. I was completely immersed, the atmosphere was so life-like. You were warned at the beginning that everything is a game, that nothing is real, but the line between real and fake is truly blurred. You don’t know who to trust or what’s going to happen next. It’s all just one big mind game.

Once you’re in the last few chapters and you finally understand what’s going on, the ending was kind of obvious since there are another two books. But I still didn’t expect it, so basically I was in shock the entire novel.

Overall, I highly recommend this to anyone. You will not regret picking this up. (at least I hope not!)

LEGENDARY: Another great installment to the Caraval series! This was really an amazing book. Although, Caraval is my favorite of the two. Legend’s identity was not really a surprise, and the ending was a bit predictable, but it sets up for what I hope will be a show-stopping third and final book.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog post! Please leave a comment so I can show my appreciation! Hope you have/had a good day!



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